A new patent for the mysterious Apple car project has surfaced. It was filed with the US Patent Authority in March 2016. The subject matter functions making driving easier and more enjoyable.

For this purpose, a system is to be installed in the hardware of the car, which is equipped with haptic feedback. Sensors could trigger counter movements to the jerking of the ride. As a result, dizziness and/or travel sickness could be prevented in some riders. Primarily this should be geared to the driver.

Spring system for shorter braking distance – the same system could probably help with braking and shorten the braking distance. The extent to which the patent is or will become reality is of course completely unclear on the basis of the registration with the authority.

According to the patent, the surface of a flexible protective material (glass, sapphire, etc.) on the actual, also foldable display. Apple has the opportunity to exploit the flaws of the competition with a mature product. Wall Street analyst Daniel Ives expects such a device to arrive at the end of 2020 at the earliest.

As always, the patent does not mean that Apple is about to release this technology. But it at least shows that the company is seriously concerned with this display tech. Of course, it can also be that the plans will eventually be buried despite the patents.