The manufacturer HP has announced its first Toner Tank printer with an ink tank. The enclosure is known as “Bulk Ink” and promises to reduce the cost of printing per page. Goodbye, cartridge!

The new HP Toner Tank is designed for small businesses or people with high print volume requirements, as it can print up to 8,000 pages with a set of three HP color cartridges or up to 5,000 pages with one ink bottle black from HP, according to the manufacturer.

The bottles that hold the inks contain an anti-fouling cap that prevents any dirt at the time of recharging. The HP NeverStop Laser printer system releases the ink only when docked into an ink tank inlet.

The level of paint can also be checked with the naked eye because the tank has a clear coating. The printer is ready to use automatically after recharging, without the need to wait for setup. With WiFi connectivity, it can print directly over the wireless network.

For most people, printers are all “the same thing“. If you think this way, however, know that you are mistaken: currently, it is possible to find machines that use technologies of the most varied, made to serve different types of market.

One of the most interesting categories currently available is ink tank printers. For those who do not know, they are one of the models considered most efficient and economical in the market, highlighting just by changing the common methods of storage by ink tanks.

Just as stated above, an ink tank printer could pass as an ordinary device at a first glance. This is because, in fact, it is also an “inkjet“, making the impression of images firing ink on the surface of the paper in combinations that form the desired colors. Both also use printheads, which move through rails to paint each part of the paper.