Lotus is a mythical British sports brand that recently belongs to the Chinese group Geely, owner of brands such as the Swedish Volvo and Polestar or the Malaysian Proton, as well as the parent company of the Chinese Geometry and Link & Co. After years of going and coming, the integration of Lotus into a large car group seems to give the English company the necessary boost to renew its range and compete on equal footing against firms such as Ferrari or McLaren.

Like the rest of the Geely group, everything seems to indicate that Lotus will start betting on the electrification of its vehicles to be reborn. The first model of this new era will be the Type 130, a hyper sports car conceived to compete against models such as the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, Bugatti Chiron / Divo, Mercedes-Benz AMG One, Aston Martin Valkyrie, Pininfarina Battista, Rimac C_Two and Koenigsegg Jesko and Regera, among others.

Now, the British brand has launched a new advance in which we can clearly see the charging of the new model, which will be CCS Combo 2 type. It will hide under a retractable trapdoor in the back of the vehicle on which will place the name of the brand According to Lotus. This model will be a special vehicle that will inherit all the experience accumulated by the brand in the competition during its seventy years of history.

Bearing in mind that Lotus’s maxim has always been to prioritize the reduction of the weight of its vehicles in the face of increasing its power. It is highly probable that we are facing a surprisingly light hyper-sport despite its electrical nature. Therefore, we can expect to use materials such as carbon fiber or aluminum, as well as optimized batteries.

It is very likely that the Type 130, of which we still do not know its definitive name, is a preview of the future electrical solutions of the Geely group. In recent times is betting strongly for this technology – all the new Volvos will be electrified, the Polestar will be 100% electric from Polestar 2, and Geometry will become the brand of “popular” electric cars of the Asian group.

The new British model will be presented on July 16 during the Goodwood Festival of Speed, where attendees can learn in scoop the vehicle destined to awaken Lotus from its long lethargy. After this, it is possible that new generations of sports as well known as the Elan, Elise or Esprit, which are probably also electrified.