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Meizu EP2C wired headset with USB-C connector launched

May 31, 2019, 5:45 am

During yesterday’s presentation of the Meizu 16X, the company also announced a new headset called the Meizu EP2C, which is priced at $18. In addition to smartphones, Meizu has been producing headphones, and the Meizu EP headset line is one of the most popular in China, and sales outside the country are high.

Meizu EP2C uses a USB-C connector for connection and can be used in conjunction with a smartphone, tablet, computer, or music player that has this connector.

The developers claim that the new, curved design more accurately guides the sound into the ear, and is also more comfortable to wear, as it is better suited for the auricle in terms of anatomy.

Despite the fact that the external headphones are shiny and smooth, they are also wear-resistant and dirt-resistant. Headphones received a 14-mm diaphragm, made from a thin bio-fibrous paper film. The moving coil is made of a neodymium magnet, the resistance is 32 Ohms, and the sensitivity is 105 dB and has a built-in DAC.

The appearance of Meizu EP2C adopts a new one-piece streamlined design with distinct ridge lines and a straight arc to the root of the earmuffs, freeing the rigid shape of the straight line. Moreover, the new curve design not only facilitates the space creation of the cavity and the guiding of the sound into the ear but also is comfortable to wear and fits the auricle.

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