A few days before the start of WWDC 2019, Apple has decided to increase in the App Store the download limit for applications and games through the data network. This will now allow us to download much larger applications without the need to connect to a WiFi network.

Up to now, Apple imposed a 150 MB download limit, but now this limit has become 200 MB, something that surely accompanies the decision of many companies to offer us a greater amount of data in our mobile rates.

Apple allows you to download larger applications through the data network
Although, this decision is still far from what many users expect it to be more freedom. This limit is imposed from Apple so that the user is not doomed to download by mistake an application or a very heavy game and end up affecting the data rate.

Although, we believe that Apple should give the possibility to users to bypass this limitation, showing a simple warning of what weighs the application or the game and asking for confirmation by the user if you are sure to do so.

We are currently seeing how many telephone companies are opting to offer unlimited data rates. For this type of users who have contracted these data rates, we believe that Apple should allow eliminating this limitation. It is a bit silly that if you have data ‘to bore’, we have imposed a limitation.

We hope that in the future of Apple, they end up choosing to dispense with this limitation or the possibility of giving the user the option of continuing the download by previously notifying the risks that seriously affects their contracted data rate. Although, we are seeing that this process can be very slow because since 2017 we did not see an increase in the download limit of 100 to 150 MB.