Although there are manufacturers who have just joined fashion, it seems that it is already a fact that the notch era is coming to an end. Virtually all brands are exploring various alternatives to avoid notches on the screen and achieve a growing display area. The holes are one of them, but there are also doubts about it.

Well, Xiaomi has registered a patent application in the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) that could finally get the 100% screen / front ratio without resorting to drilling or sliding mechanisms. How? At the cost of curving the four edges of the screen.

Xiaomi Patent1
Image: ITHome

This patented design of Xiaomi, in addition, presents a front camera neither in the form of a notch nor in a perforation. Which means it would renounce that benefit or that it would resort to some type of lens integrated with the screen, as it is rumored that it is trying to do Samsung. By dispensing with the front camera and curving the edges, we would finally have a screen that would occupy 100% of the front, a goal that more and more manufacturers aspire to.

Although the concept of achieving an “all-screen” mobile can be attractive, it does not seem to be a very practical solution, as if we try to put a sleeve on the device. Not to mention its great fragility it would hide its all-screen design making it pointless to flaunt such a great device.

As revealed in the patent images, in addition, it has a dual camera on the back with an LED flash on the side and a USB connector on the bottom frame (probably type C). No trace of a fingerprint reader or a headphone jack. And there are no buttons, something that also dispenses with recent models of other Chinese brands: Vivo APEX 2019 and Meizu Zero.