OPPO is busy experimenting with its selfie camera hence trying to integrate the front camera underneath the screen display, eliminating the need for a cutout or a retractable lens module or a notch. The Chinese manufacturer brought forth the tech in action in a short teaser video, and it looks pretty incredible. The video was posted to Oppo’s official Twitter account without much intricate detail.

The video shows off a smartphone with an all-screen front where you can make out that there’s a sensor embedded beneath the display as soon as the camera launches. The camera app launched, and despite the lack of a visible front-facing camera, the screen seemingly showed a live view of the room’s ceiling. To add credibility to the teaser, the demonstrator also hovered a finger over where the camera is supposedly hidden.

Optical in-display fingerprint sensors use a camera module to map the grooves and ridges of your finger, and it’s likely OPPO is scaling up the tech to add a higher-res module underneath the screen.

The phone in question is clad in a protective case that’s designed to hide any distinguishing features, but it is possible OPPO will launch a phone with an in-display camera module sometime this year.

However, there’s no telling when we’ll see the first smartphone with one of these invisible under-display cameras.