Announced in September 2016 and released a couple of months later, the compatibility of the Pokémon GO app with the Apple Watch did not allow to play the mobile game in Apple’s smartwatch, but it was useful to show complementary data to the experience. Some data that the synchro-adventure function also offers, and therefore makes the use of Apple Watch redundant. And so, Niantic Lab announces that Pokémon GO is no longer officially compatible with Apple Watch devices.

According to the study, Coaches using this device will not be able to connect their Apple Watch to Pokémon GO after July 1, 2019. The reason? The Sincroaventura function, implemented last year in Pokémon GO, already offers Coaches the option to track their steps, get candies for walking with their peers and hatch Eggs in only a mobile device, without the need to have 2 different devices.

In Niantic, they want to focus “on continuing to improve Sincroaventura so that Coaches do not have to divide their gaming experience between two devices”. The Trainers will be able to use the Sincroaventura to track the distance they travel by synchronizing their sports applications that they already have installed on the phone and that do not require them to have devices such as Apple Watches. Therefore the GO app will no longer connect to the main app.

However, since Niantic has confirmed that the progress made in the Apple Watch version will not be erased and all users will be able to synchronize the distances traveled in the fitness applications of the phones to be counted within Pokémon GO.

All this is made public after the franchise projects were unveiled to the world in the form of new applications and mobile games for Pokémon such as Pokémon Sleep, Pokémon Masters and Pokémon Rumble Rush. In addition, in just a few days we will have a Nintendo Direct focused on offering new Pokémon Sword/Shield, the next big installment of the franchise for Nintendo Switch.