Along with the new Mac Pro, Apple has introduced a premiere monitor to accompany its professional desktop computer. The new 32-inch Apple Pro Display XDR monitor brings together outstanding specifications focused on the professional world of image and programming.

The new Apple monitor offers a 32-inch diagonal. It is a 6K Retina display (6016 x 3384 pixels) with more than 20 million pixels, at a rate of 218 dots per inch.

The new screen (P3 and true 10-bit color) has a special coverage to reduce reflections and improve the contrast in situations of high light (up to 1,000,000: 1). Also, the angles of vision have been renewed to polarization technology.

In the section of the HDR, the blue LEDs of its backlight are calibrated individually from the factory, but thanks to specific algorithms, they vary their brightness individually depending on the scene they are showing.

In order to contain the heat generated by the LEDs and their high brightness (1000 units globally and up to 1600 nits maximum spot brightness), the rear of the monitor has a design prepared to act as a heat dispenser.

The new Apple Pro Display XDR screen does not go unnoticed at the design level. First of all, it draws attention to its design with only 0.9 mm frames and its aluminum finish.

But the highlight of this new PC monitor is at its base. The Mac Pro Stand, which is purchased separately, supports a regulation in height and angle in a guided and assisted way so that there is no effort to manage ergonomics. It also supports rapid passage from landscape to vertical mode.

That base can be removed and placed with ease, but it has a pretty high cost: $999. If we opt for a VESA adapter, it will not be cheap either at $199. Regarding the Apple Pro Display XDR, it can be purchased after the summer starting at $4999.