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Mozilla presents new privacy features for its browsers, Firefox

Jun 4, 2019, 1:49 pm

Mozilla has long taken privacy as a particularly prominent and important feature of its products, with Firefox at the helm. And the navigator, once the king of kings, continues to update himself by putting it above everything else. This Tuesday has been demonstrated once again.

“Last year, we saw technology companies talk about a great game about privacy, as they are realizing that, after several global scandals, people feel increasingly vulnerable, it is unfortunate that this change had to happen for technology companies to notice, in Firefox, we’re doing more than that, we believe that to truly protect people, we need to set a new standard that puts people’s privacy first. “

And what they are doing more, according to Dave Camp, senior vice president of Firefox, can be summarized in today’s releases, perfectly explained by the company.

Recently Mozilla has just introduced the Firefox password management application named Firefox Lockwise Password Manager, which was previously maintained under the code name Firefox Lockbox during the development process of this.

Firefox Lockwise has applications for mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS, which allows you to organize access to passwords saved in Firefox on any user device, without having to install Firefox on them.

In the application, the autocomplete passwords function is supported in the authentication forms of any mobile application or in the fields where the data is required. The project code is distributed under the MPL 2.0 license.

Mobile applications for Firefox Lockwise are in beta testing, but the first stable release is scheduled for next week. In applications, telemetry is sent by default with generalized information about the working characteristics with the application.

Meanwhile, the ability to process accounts in the context of a first-level domain is added to the standard Firefox password manager, which allows you to offer a saved password for all subdomains.

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