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Netflix reveals new Stranger Things 3 poster, increasing fans’ anxiety

Author at TechGenyz Entertainment
Stranger Things 3

On July 4 the third installment of Stranger Things 3 will launch and for the occasion, Netflix is ​​already giving some details about the clashes that Eleven and his friends will have. The new promotional poster of the Stranger Things series was revealed one month after the premiere of the third season by the Netflix streaming platform.

Through the official account of Netflix on Instagram, the new poster of the saga was shared under the motto "A summer can change everything". In the image, you see the scared characters on the monster that chases them from the first season.

Eleven, played by actress Millie Bobby Brown, revealed how she feels with the end of the saga during an interview with Digital Spy about her upcoming movie Godzilla II: The King of Monsters.

However, last April, David Harbor, who plays Jim Hopper, confessed that he knows how the series will end but described his companion in a very different way. "I know the end of the story and I think it's beautiful," he said.

On the other hand, executive producer Shawn Levy stated, "We're definitely going to do four seasons and it's very likely a fifth too." David Harbor also supported that idea, "I do not think four are enough. I think five are, perhaps, enough. If you want my opinion, I would like five. "

This third breaks with the schemes that had the first seasons, although the chapters are still eight, the premieres will no longer be on Friday. This time will be given every Thursday to coincide with the Independence Day of the United States. For that reason, the beginning of the plot will be on July 4, 1985, the day in which a shopping center in Hawkins will be inaugurated.


The plot of the eight episodes is under wraps but the new 1980s-style illustration suggests that the intrepid youngsters of the sci-fi mystery series will soon be contending with a horrific, otherworldly creature with talons, who looks a bit like the alien visitor from Super 8. The season will also include some unattractive dead vermin, a menacing gunman outside the Fun Fair, and whatever secret dangers are locked up in that especially forbidding industrial site.

The poster illustration also shows Fourth of July fireworks billowing in the night skies above the glorious neon glow of the Starcourt Mall and the Fun Fair’s flag-draped Ferris wheel. Most of the visual real estate is reserved for the intense faces of the show’s young characters, among them Billy (Dacre Montgomery), shown scouting out the creepy factory; Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) looking extra scrunchie in a Firestarter pose; and Steve (Joe Keery) and newcomer Robin (Maya Hawke), who will each be slinging ice cream at Scoops Ahoy.

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