L’Oréal launches the first virtual makeup fitting on Amazon with ModiFace, L’Oréal’s global leader in Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence. Thanks to this technology, Amazon users will, for the first time be able to virtually test beauty products by taking a video or selfie with their phone’s camera.

Available on Amazon Web Services, the technology allows you to generate a realistic and automatically calibrated result based on makeup hues. Distributors can easily integrate virtual fitting for an unlimited number of their products. The simulations of each hue in augmented reality are done automatically thanks to the information provided by the brands and the descriptive images of the products on the social networks. Technology can analyze textual and visual information about a makeup hue and reproduce it realistically through Augmented Reality.

We are very excited to be partnering with Amazon to offer their customers a virtual make-up fitting technology to enhance their online shopping experience. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, our unique technology allows a very realistic rendering of colors. Consumers can test thousands of lipsticks available on Amazon and buy the hues that are best for them. – Parham Aarabi, CEO of ModiFace

Nicolas Le Bourgeois, Amazon Beauty Director, added, “We are delighted to work with ModiFace to improve the online cosmetics shopping experience by offering the opportunity to try products virtually before purchasing them. With this new Artificial Intelligence-based experience, Amazon customers can now easily try thousands of lipsticks, share photos with their friends, and finally buy products with confidence wherever they are. When they want, to receive them directly at home. This launch is part of our ambition: to be the place of reference for all those who wish to discover and buy beauty products online. “

L’Oréal has already partnered with Facebook, via ModiFace, to offer users of the social network virtual make-up tests of its brands Urban Decay or Nyx. Social networks have become L’Oréal’s biggest growth driver for online sales, which reached 11% of its sales in 2018.