The gamer chairs were fashionable this last time, and Acer wanted to take it to another level with its “Throne Gamer”, called Predator Thronos. This “throne gamer” is basically a gamer chair, mounted on a large base that also has support for 3 monitors, to achieve the maximum immersion experience. It also has a base to support our keyboard and mouse, as well as a cup holder to keep hydrated in the game sessions. For a more immersive experience, the chair has a vibration system that “will allow us to feel that we are in the game”.

This spectacular 220 kg weight throne is made of steel and has a powerful vibration system. It has space for a PC case, a mechanical tray to store the keyboard and mouse, and shelves for up to three 27-inch monitors. The initial configuration, which includes frame and seat, costs a whopping $20,000 but has even higher options.

The Predator Thronos will have an extensive list of options for its configuration. Acer offers the possibility of mounting three monitors 4K 27-inch model WQHD Z271U. You can also add a Predator Orion 9000 computer with RTX graphics, a pair of Galea 300 headphones, and a keyboard set of Aethon 500 + Cestus 510 mouse. Made of steel and equipped with a powerful vibration system, this unique gaming “chair” has receptacles for a complete PC tower, as well as a mechanized tray that houses the keyboard and mouse.

At the moment it is not visible in any store, and neither will it be mass-produced. The Predator Thronos can only be obtained on request, and to deliver it will have to cover a period of between six and eight weeks. In addition, Acer in this regard will take care of everything, since the purchase includes a home assembly service together with a warranty plan of two years and two annual reviews by a technician.