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10 Reasons to download Avast antivirus

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Avast Antivirus

Avast antivirus is one of the most popular security tools out there. However, as it always happens with popular tools, there are certain concerns. Is the protection reliable enough? Does technical support team have time to handle all concerns? Is the tool worth it or is it a mainstream trend?

We analyzed Avast’s functionality, interface, customer reviews and ratings on reliable software portals. We also checked recently released versions and analyzed what functionality was added and upgraded. This way, we have a bigger picture of the tool’s functionality - and it’s quite optimistic.

Reason #1 - Consistent security protection

Independent analytical agencies such as AV-Comparatives, for instance, conduct testing that determines the software’s capacities of removing viruses, worms, trojans, and other types of malware.

Avast shows great results on this performance, beating even professional paid solutions. The software performs thorough real-time virus scanning, examines all storage folders and assesses the security of connected USB devices.

Reason #2 - Intuitive interface

One of the main reasons for Avast’s popularity is its simplicity. Beginning PC users do not understand the peculiarities of the security tool’s customization. Avast developers and testers took this into account and set favorable default settings. The software can be run right after its installation, no additional editing needed.

Both free and paid versions of the tool have a clean and clear interface. All main scanning features are displayed on the main screen, while the main menu is located on the left side panel. Even though the paid version of the tool has more complex functionality, it’s still ordered and well-located. All features are grouped into logical categories so it’s easy to remember the exact function’s location.

Also, the tool is very easy to download and install. It’s available on the majority of software catalogs - here, for instance, a link to Avast on​.​

Reason #3 - Works on various Windows versions

Avast is compatible with all later versions of Windows, including Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. The software has iOS and Android versions, customized for laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

The functionality remains unchanged on each of those operating systems. The interface, however, is adapted to the requirements of a particular OS and device.

Reason #4 - Rich functionality

Starting from 2017 paid version of Avast, the tool includes extra tools for online browsing protection. This kit consists of a password manager, email spam checker, Game Mode, and Behavior Analysis modality. These features protect users during registration and authentification, check the security of installed game files and launchers, remember user’s browsing preferences and protect personal data from ad trackers.

The free version has fewer additional features, but even so, it’s quite rich on add-ons as well. The tool consists of a virus scanner and removal tool, network protection algorithm, app manager and app lock. The version for Android also includes the mobile firewall and backup creator.

Reason #5 - Active community

Due to its amazing popularity, Avast has millions of users worldwide. If you encountered a technical issue or have a question, chances are, there are users with the same concerns as well. Most often than not, it’s enough to google a question and you will find an answer.

If you are a security enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy participating in discussions on official and amateur forums where users discuss the software, security trends, and popular threats. If you found a new worm or virus, share your discoveries in those online discussions as well and even receive a free consult.

Reason #6 - Free and Pro versions

If you want to install an antivirus for personal use, it’s better to choose a free version. Not only it’s simply a more rational decision in terms of cost optimization but also, it’s much simpler. You don’t want to dig in professional upgrades and add-ons if your safety stakes are far from being high.

However, business owners and security managers should definitely consider getting a professional version. For one thing, there you can receive official technical support in a couple of hours. Also, a professional edition has extended functionality that covers typical corporate security issues such as verifying safety practices on each employee’s computer or minimizing the possibilities of sensitive data being leaked.

Reason #7 - Hacks and tutorials

Another consequence of using such a popular antivirus tool is the abundance of educational content. If you have only started to familiarize yourself with antivirus software, you can easily look up an in-depth tutorial on YouTube or read a step-by-step guide with detailed screenshots. That is actually exactly what makes Avast a perfect software for beginners.

Reason #8 - Rare ads and pop-ups

The major disadvantage of the freest antiviruses is that users constantly receive annoying notifications about upgrading the software to its paid version. Avast, however, respects its user’s privacy and does not intrude with endless ads.

Sure, that does not mean that the antivirus does not contain advertising altogether but its quantity is strictly limited. If you indeed want to upgrade the tool to its paid edition, you can always do it by pressing the button on the banner on the lower part of the screen.

Reason #9 - No time limits

If you are a frequent user of free software, you surely know how annoying it can be to find out that your tool actually has an expiration date. It’s a simple marketing trick - users start using the application, getting accustomed to it until suddenly the trial period expires.

Avast does not face its users with compulsory upgrades. You can use the free version forever - all upgrades are done strictly on a volunteer basis.  

Reason #10 - Licensed spyware detection technology

The quality of Avast’s scanning features is proven by WestCoast Labradors, a reputable analytical firm that works only in the field of software testing, security, and data protection.

This means that the tool’s expertise in recognizing trackers and online spying is recognized not just by users but by impartial international experts. Considering the fact that many free antivirus tools do not have similar approval, this certification becomes even more valuable.


  • Avast is internationally recognized as a leading provider of antispyware detection online security, and virus deletion.  
  • The tool has optimized cross-platform versions for Windows, Android, and iOS.
  • Rare advertising and no expiration date. The free version can be used with no limitations.  
  • Users can upgrade to a paid version anytime, like​  or on product​ official page. It means you can download it any time.

It’s a perfect browser for personal online security. It’s simple, reliable, and internationally acknowledged security solutions with simple but essential functionality as well as a clean, edgy interface.

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