A few details about Tesla’s Model S and Model X refresh are out now, thanks to the YouTube channel ‘Like Tesla’ where, in a short video, Kim, the channel-host, shared the details about potential improvements to Model S and Model X, as revealed to her by a Tesla insider. Till now, we get to know that these improvements include enhanced motors, cooling systems, batteries and charging systems.

It has been said that Model S and Model X refresh would come with a tri-motor design: one small motor in the front and two larger motors at the rear. The tri-motor feature is supposed to provide greater range to the vehicles. Model S is reportedly aiming at EPA rating of above 400 miles (644 km) per charge, and Model X aiming to reach 400 miles per charge. 

Tesla’s rejigged flagship vehicles are supposed to include larger and lighter battery packs that will boost performance and range.

Moreover, Tesla is said to be infixing new cooling systems that can withstand extreme heat, and such experiments are currently ongoing under extreme heat conditions in Death Valley and Mojave Desert.

The reveal mentions the Supercharger V3 Network that would accompany the updated batteries of these vehicles and enable charging at 250kW. Other than this, not many specifications were given.

Recently, CNBC had stated that Tesla is re-equipping parts of its Fremont factory to facilitate the production of Model S, Model Y and the Model X refresh.

It is anticipated that the Model S and the rejigged Model X would be unveiled sometime in late 2019.