Google is launching an update for Search that aims to give you more options on the search results page. The tech giant said through a Twitter post that the update was designed to bring more diversity to the platform, which means that under normal circumstances, no more than two results from the same site will be presented among the major.

Developers of sites fighting for good SEO in the recently introduced changes in the Google Search algorithm are still optimizing their code in the fight for the reader. And meanwhile, Google announced further changes. This time more important for us than for web designers themselves. The presentation of search results will change quite significantly.

The new functionality will treat the subdomains as being part of the root of the site, that is, the results obtained will all be considered as being part of the same site. Despite this announcement, some users expressed on Twitter their displeasure that Google continues to return too many results from the same site. The official representative of Google Search admits that the company is still working to improve the resource over time.

In most cases, subdomains will be counted as separate results. However, exceptions are possible here. For example, if Google finds that showing subdomains provides greater relevance, then it can leave them. The update has affected only the main results and does not concern such functions as the main news carousel, images, etc. According to company representative Danny Sullivan, the update will not have a strong impact on the sites. Most notably, it will affect resources attempting to monopolize issuance on specific requests.

Google informs that the change of view is independent of June 2019 Core Update, which has awakened from the lethargy of SEO optimizers. And since it is a separate entity, it should be presumed that its implementation will take a similar amount of time. And this, in turn, seems to suggest that the majority of users will get a new view in just a few or even several weeks.

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