Mozilla has been trying for a while to find ways to monetize their services, something that does not always end well. Although for the end of this year we could find a change in importance. The company could launch Firefox Premium by the end of 2019. A subscription service, which would become a new way to monetize its services.

Mozilla is considering the possibility of launching a Firefox Premium at the end of the year that offers unique features that most browsers do not currently have and that would be designed for our privacy and security when surfing the Internet.

Mozilla, the creators of Firefox, are fighting in recent years looking for a monetization model that allows them to stay afloat due to their unsuccessful relationship with the Google Search Engine. The company has been making alternative efforts to raise funds over the past years, such as the income of affiliates of the ProtonVPN promotion or content sponsored through Pocket.

The CEO of Mozilla, Chris Beard, has told that they are in the final stages of planning a subscription service called Firefox Premium. This mode of the browser would offer a set of services such as extra online storage and premium VPN.

The service is scheduled to be launched next October and would start with a temporary free level for users to test the new features, so they are encouraged to make the final jump to Firefox Premium through a monthly payment method. Mozilla clarifies that none of the premium features that are included in this new Firefox are currently offered free, which will not change anything from the Firefox we currently know.

Without a doubt, it sounds like an interesting plan from Mozilla. While it is important to have all the details of it before you can decide if Firefox Premium is really worth it or not. At least, it’s good to see that the company works on all kinds of options.