The privacy has great prominence in iOS 13, and Apple will enhance what we will see with different characteristics from the last part of the year in our iPhone devices.

Among all the features that are released on privacy, highlighted are the ones where we will show more detailed information about those applications that have been using our location in the background.

As 9to5mac screenshots show, we can see that in iOS 13 will send emergent notifications when an application is making use of the location in the background. In this notification, we will see a part of the map and its location data where the specific application has tracked.

The screenshots show the location data tracked by the Tesla application as well as the Apple Store application. In addition to showing us the aforementioned map, the pop-up notification will also present the reason why the application is making use of the location in the background.

From the pop-up window, we can continue to provide access in the background to the indicated application, or change to “only grant permission while it is being used“, or to deny them directly. Curiously, iOS 13 will include a new feature so that applications that need to track our location do so “only once“, through temporary access that we will have to accept or deny whenever the app requires it.

Thus it is intended that users are more aware of the type of applications that are requesting access to your location to take a series of measures. It also has a new option to share your location “only once” with a specific app or more information about background applications that use your location, Bluetooth or WiFi.

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