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New Google Maps feature to alert you if a taxi leaves the route

Jun 11, 2019, 8:25 am

Google Maps is one of the most used transport applications around the globe. To keep its large mass of users, the Mountain View company does not cease in its efforts to launch new features, such as radar detection and speed warnings, natural disaster alerts in real time or slow speed in real time while traveling by car. Now the well-known navigation app is testing a new alert that alerts you if a taxi leaves the route.

As reported from XDA, to make navigation more effective, Google Maps is working on the arrival of a new feature. This will help users to be safe while traveling in a taxi, as the company is testing a new alert that warns if the vehicle leaves the route.

Google Map Alert
Image: XDA Developers

More than one has experienced a situation in which a taxi decides to turn around to reach a destination and thus increase the bill for the journey. But with this new function, users can be even more sure that this does not happen to them. With this new off-road Google Maps alert, users will receive a new alert on their mobile phone each time the taxi deviates from the expected course at 500 meters.

In addition to ensuring the safety of the passenger, this function will help users not to be deceived by a taxi driver while traveling in an unknown city. A function that can also be useful when someone is driving their own car.

At the moment this new function is only available in India, and no reports have been found about its possible arrival in other countries, although it is not ruled out that it ends up crossing the border of the Asian country. At the moment we have to wait to see the new movements of Google Maps with respect to this new and interesting function.

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