iOS 13 has been a jug of cold water for fans of 3D Touch. The feature introduced by Apple with the iPhone 6s to put pressure on the screen and get a contextual menu seems to have the days counted and with the iPhone XR not included and the changes in iOS 13 all indicated that its end was near. A possible email from the head of iOS on Apple still gives hope.

A Twitter user recently sent an email to Craig Federighi. The user asked him specifically about how contextual menu icons in iOS 13 no longer have 3D Touch, but rather a long press. Craig’s response:

That is an error. Please try again in the next beta.

If the mail is true, it may mean that Apple does not plan to end the 3D Touch in this version of iOS. And, possibly, neither in the iPhone that arrives this year.

In recent years the company has created in addition to 3D Touch other functionality to open contextual menus on the iPhone: Haptic Touch. In both cases, the haptic vibration of the device is used to simulate touch. The difference is that one uses the pressure detected on the screen and the other only detects the time held down on the screen. The iPhone XR is the first device to use the haptic function.

A step back? For many users, yes, since removing the pressure sensor from the screen gives the impression that it is inferior to others. Actually, the only difference is that in one you have to do force touch and in the other you have to wait a few extra milliseconds.

With iOS 13 modifying various functions of the 3D Touch on the iPhone and providing various functions of the 3D Touch by long press to other devices such as the iPad. There are no clues of what is about to come.