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Pilot Era, a camera that records in 8K and 360 degrees

Jun 13, 2019, 11:00 am

The company Pisofttech announces the availability next June of the Pilot Era, an innovative multi-function camera that includes recording and playback of video in 8K and 360 °. Its great added value is that it does not require postproduction since its software is responsible for doing it. It is a portable panoramic camera with the capacity to be used both professionally and user.

The growing implementation of 8K is a proven fact and, at this juncture, the PiSofttech company dedicated to software 3D image launches its first camera with 8k resolution 360. At present, although the market is offering an increasingly wider range of better quality to record in 360º at a more affordable price, the truth is that if you want to opt for an 8K camera than the Pisofttech is an option to consider given its competitiveness.

It’s not a camera, it’s a 360º VR device that does not require additional equipment to do live streaming. This is a jump from what is currently in the market, always talking about devices designed for the general public – CEO and co-founder of the company

Pisofttech has developed this autonomous camera that does not need additional accessories, is small (compared to most models available today), offers very good image quality and, as noted, does not need postproduction. It is a team that, although it can be used at a professional level, is suitable for amateur use.

The Pilot Era’s camera is 3.1 inches. It is tactile so it eliminates the need to use external controls or monitors. As for the operating system is the Android-based Pilot OS, which allows OTA updates.

The device can be connected to the Pilot Go mobile application with which it is possible to control all the functions, but those who want a completely autonomous use of the machine do not need to install it since it can be handled perfectly using only the touch screen.

Pisofttech 8K Camera

This camera is capable of joining live incoming images to transmit them again, in this mode is limited to 7fps to 8K and 30fps to 4K. By joining the footage in the camera (but not live) it is capable of processing 24fps to 8K.

The camera has a storage capacity, not expandable of 512 GB. From the experience of use, it can be said that it is a piece of suitable equipment for people who want to record or broadcast concerts, conferences, and events in 360º. The 512 GB UFS storage capacity means that it is possible to save more than 6.5 hours of video footage of 8K or 26,000 panoramic photos.

The camera system of the Pilot Era is integrated by four sensors of 12 megapixels (f / 2.8) manufactured by Sony. By joining the recording of each of them, you can create a 360º experience. The objectives of the cameras are fixed aperture, f / 2.2. The shooting modes include settings such as HDR, ISO, EV, and WB among others.

It can capture video in 8K with a resolution of 7680 × 3840 pixels at 30 FPS. As for taking pictures, it provides a resolution of 8192 × 4096 pixels. In addition to recording in 8K, it offers the possibility of doing it in different resolutions, for example, it can go down up-to 6K to get 50 FPS, and even up to 4K to reach 100 FPS of capture speed.

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