In the field of space, India is preparing to make another big leap. Under this, it will now establish India’s own space station in space. However, the work on this scheme will start after the success of the human mission Gaganayan. At present, countries like America, Russia, and China have their own stations. Along with that, NASA’s International Space Station also includes many countries in the world working together.

ISRO chief Siwan informed on Thursday that the Indian space station is currently planned to launch by 2030. It will be about 20 tonnes. In which four to five astronauts can live together for 15 to 20 days. This station is also important because the use of microbiology can only be done here. Which would be extremely important to advance the success of the Gaganaya Mission.

ISRO chief told reporters in the discussion that a proposal to open the space station is being prepared. Soon it will be sent to the government. At the same time, he gave information about the preparations for the human mission and said that under this, the process of selection of astronauts is currently underway. The help of the Indian Air Force has been taken. An agreement has also been signed with the Indian Air Force. They have also been given the responsibility of training astronauts.

In response to a question, he said that there are plans to send three persons to space right now. For which at least six people will be selected. Who will be given initial training in India While high-tech training will be sent to Russia and other countries of the world. This training will last about 18 months. On the question related to the selection of astronauts, he said that the process will be completed in six months. For this, a budget of ten thousand crores has been approved for this.