According to a recent market research carried out by the statistical institute IDC , in the first three months of 2019 Xiaomi would be in first place for market share held in the smartwatch branch , preceding both Huawei (second) and Apple (third), with a volume of units shipped amounted to 19.5 million, up 34.7% compared to the same period of the previous year. The most sophisticated smartwatches have contributed to the record in question, with a comparison from year to year, mostly (+ 84%), compared to the well-sold (+ 25.5%) basic models.

Under the Health Watch case, we find the Huangshan No.1 SoC, one of the first wearable chips with dedicated hardware to manage AI calculations of the 4 algorithms that underlie the product. The first deals with the analysis of generic cardiac biometric data, the second of the ECG alone, the third is dedicated to a function called ECG Pro, while the fourth follows the 24/7 monitoring of the possible presence of Rhythm Abnormality, thanks to the presence of a low consumption PPG BioTracker sensor.

The data has the possibility of making comparisons between 60 different measurements stored locally, are then communicated to the rightful person even in the absence of Bluetooth connection (5.0) with the smartphone, using low latency technology and high efficiency (on 800 MHz) NB-IoT, increasingly used in the field of smart metering. Xiaomi promises to offer its users a cloud service for data storage. So, whoever has the watch, you can check your health information at any time.

As mentioned, the device is equipped with the necessary hardware to perform an ECG – a bit like Apple Watch Series 4 – and is able to perform the analysis in 60 seconds, while up to 60 sessions can be saved locally. Another peculiarity of Health Watch concerns the presence of an NB-IoT chip (Narrowband) which transmits data even without the device being connected to a smartphone, sending the collected data in real time in case it is necessary to perform an emergency intervention, thanks to the cloud services offered by Amazfit.

Amazfit Health Watch, also produced by Huami (Xiaomi’s partner), has a square appearance, with a tempered glass protecting the 1.28-inch color display, with a resolution of 176 x 176 pixels: the smartwatch frame resists diving up to 30 meters, or 3 atmospheres, while the integrated 200 mAh battery ensures a week of use (60 minutes of ECG measurements) before the next recharge. It can transmit important contents such as low heart rate, PPG monitoring, atrial fibrillation, and fall detection. In addition, this watch can store up to 60 minutes of ECG (electrocardiogram) data locally and work for 7 days.

The watch is available in several different colors. They all have silicone bracelets, with the exception of the brown variant that comes with a real leather bracelet. Amazfit Health Watch is compatible with Bluetooth and has good protection against water: the watch can withstand diving at a depth of 30 meters. At the moment it is unknown when it will go on sale but what we do know is the price of Amazfit Health Watch is about $100.

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