The Japanese manufacturer Honda is firm in its intention to consolidate itself as one of the world leaders in electric mobility. To achieve this, they announced the upcoming arrival of their Honda e, the first electric model that will offer the international market and that, to date, accumulates more than 31,000 customers registered under the pre-sale modality.

So, after knowing its design and technologies such as the cameras that will replace the rear-view mirrors, the brand provides technical details based on the new platform for electric cars on which the Honda e will be built. The Honda Electric car will include the latest technology while optimizing city management.

Honda e charging

In principle, all the characteristics and configuration of the vehicle will have, from its concept itself, a very clear objective: to achieve the best driving dynamics, with a greater focus on the urban environment.

Thanks to its new platform for electric cars, the Honda e will have a battery located under the ground and in a central position, which allows having a low center of gravity and weight distribution between both axes in a 50:50 ratio. The previous thing is translated in greater stability of March, better dynamic behavior and ease of handling.

Without any specific data from the engine being disclosed, the manufacturer highlights the presence of an electric drive with high torque, which transmits the force to the rear axle. In addition, it will have an independent four-wheel suspension with forged aluminum parts, reducing the weight of the car.

Returning to the battery, it is cooled by water and offers a capacity of 35.5 kWh, allowing the Honda to reach a range of over 200 kilometers per load. The recharges are made from a connector with LED indicator on the front, with 80% recovery in 30 minutes from a fast recharge point.