Adobe revealed Fresco – A new drawing and painting app for the iPad and other Tablets. The company’s new painting and design app that has functions for both amateurs who want to practice or have fun as well as professionals who wish to create incredible works in illustration and painting.

Fresco has been named after the Italian technique of applying pigment and water to drying plaster built for the Apple iPad with versions for another stylus and touch-based devices. Now it has not only been rebranded but has been confirmed as one of Adobe’s family of services and products, focused on “spontaneous creativity” and more organically-crafted work without so many calculations and automatic features.

Adobe Fresco will replicate how real-world mediums such as watercolor and oil paints interact with surfaces and each other. These tools are called Live Brushes. Artists also will be able to use Photoshop brushes. For vector enthusiasts, Fresco includes vector brushes to create infinitely scalable drawings in combination with the aforementioned pixel-based brushes.

Adobe Dancing Girl Drawing

Fresco is expected to be Adobe’s answer to Procreate and other rival iPad apps. Files automatically save on Creative Cloud, giving artists an alternative to iOS’s file management system or Dropbox. Being cloud-based it further expands the Fresco’s capacity and allows artists to create on-the-go.

Adobe is set to release Fresco later this year, but the company is currently testing the app with real users.