The NASA OSIRIS-REx probe has reached a minimum distance from the asteroid Bennu and is studying its surface in detail some time ago. The NASA spacecraft known as OSIRIS-REx has just managed to take one of the closest photographs of the asteroid Bennu, a rock that is close to Earth’s orbit and that the probe is conducting studies on it since last year.

In the photograph that managed to capture the ship, you can see the rather rocky surface of Bennu, as well as other important details found in it, which the Space Agency is accumulating to later study them in detail.

Recall that this spacecraft managed to make contact for the first time with the asteroid on December 31, 2018, date from which it has been flying at different distances from the rock, approaching and moving away according to the requirements of the scientists in charge of the investigation.

The image sent by OSIRIS-REx was taken on June 13, just after the ship managed to approach one of the shortest distances of the asteroid, only 600 meters between it and the surface of this giant space rock.

In detail, you can see certain details, such as a surface that mostly has a rock formation in addition to another giant stone located in the southern sector of the image. Recall that NASA is conducting studies in this asteroid because inside it contains many elements that were key in the formation of the solar system and the Universe.

It is assumed that at some point NASA expects OSIRIS to land on Bennu, but for now, this is not going to be possible due to mainly the large number of rocks that exist on the surface which can damage the ship in case there is an error.

That is why for now the ship will continue to orbit closer and closer to the asteroid, studying and analyzing its surface in addition to the different samples that it has managed to obtain with different releases of instruments to Bennu which have managed to collect rocks from its surface.

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