Live Updates: COVID-19 Cases
  • World 11,739,169
    Confirmed: 11,739,169
    Active: 4,556,643
    Recovered: 6,641,866
    Death: 540,660
  • USA 3,040,833
    Confirmed: 3,040,833
    Active: 1,582,907
    Recovered: 1,324,947
    Death: 132,979
  • Brazil 1,626,071
    Confirmed: 1,626,071
    Active: 581,900
    Recovered: 978,615
    Death: 65,556
  • India 720,346
    Confirmed: 720,346
    Active: 260,022
    Recovered: 440,150
    Death: 20,174
  • Russia 687,862
    Confirmed: 687,862
    Active: 223,237
    Recovered: 454,329
    Death: 10,296
  • Peru 305,703
    Confirmed: 305,703
    Active: 97,312
    Recovered: 197,619
    Death: 10,772
  • Spain 298,869
    Confirmed: 298,869
    Active: 270,481
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 28,388
  • Chile 298,557
    Confirmed: 298,557
    Active: 27,802
    Recovered: 264,371
    Death: 6,384
  • UK 285,768
    Confirmed: 285,768
    Active: 241,532
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 44,236
  • Mexico 261,750
    Confirmed: 261,750
    Active: 70,974
    Recovered: 159,657
    Death: 31,119
  • Iran 243,051
    Confirmed: 243,051
    Active: 27,237
    Recovered: 204,083
    Death: 11,731
  • Italy 241,819
    Confirmed: 241,819
    Active: 14,709
    Recovered: 192,241
    Death: 34,869
  • Pakistan 231,818
    Confirmed: 231,818
    Active: 95,407
    Recovered: 131,649
    Death: 4,762
  • Saudi Arabia 213,716
    Saudi Arabia
    Confirmed: 213,716
    Active: 62,114
    Recovered: 149,634
    Death: 1,968
  • Turkey 206,844
    Confirmed: 206,844
    Active: 18,608
    Recovered: 182,995
    Death: 5,241
  • South Africa 205,721
    South Africa
    Confirmed: 205,721
    Active: 104,563
    Recovered: 97,848
    Death: 3,310
  • Germany 198,057
    Confirmed: 198,057
    Active: 6,265
    Recovered: 182,700
    Death: 9,092
  • France 168,335
    Confirmed: 168,335
    Active: 61,107
    Recovered: 77,308
    Death: 29,920
  • Bangladesh 165,618
    Confirmed: 165,618
    Active: 87,373
    Recovered: 76,149
    Death: 2,096
  • Canada 105,935
    Confirmed: 105,935
    Active: 27,672
    Recovered: 69,570
    Death: 8,693
  • China 83,565
    Confirmed: 83,565
    Active: 403
    Recovered: 78,528
    Death: 4,634
  • Netherlands 50,657
    Confirmed: 50,657
    Active: 44,529
    Recovered: ?
    Death: 6,128
  • S. Korea 13,181
    S. Korea
    Confirmed: 13,181
    Active: 982
    Recovered: 11,914
    Death: 285
  • Australia 8,586
    Confirmed: 8,586
    Active: 1,060
    Recovered: 7,420
    Death: 106
  • New Zealand 1,536
    New Zealand
    Confirmed: 1,536
    Active: 22
    Recovered: 1,492
    Death: 22

[100% Free] How to download YouTube videos on Android by using VidPaw?

Author at TechGenyz Contributor
Vidpaw Downloader

Since YouTube is one of the most popular videos sharing platforms, people would like to upload interesting videos for the purpose of making new friends, getting famous, or promoting products. On YouTube, you can know about new trends and the latest information. But what is pitiful is that you cannot download videos on YouTube.

Now you may search for a YouTube video downloader to save your favorite YouTube video. VidPaw App is a new YouTube video downloader that is rising in popularity these days. It is an Android version of VidPaw Online Video & Audio Downloader which providing professional download service. Most potential users of the app may concern about whether VidPaw is actually the right fit their need. If you are looking for some in-depth reviews of VidPaw app before you install it, you have come to the right place! This article will show you more details about VidPaw.

What is VidPaw App?

Of all newly rising YouTube Downloader apps, VidPaw app will definitely come into prominence. VidPaw App is a YouTube video streaming and download app which is relatively easy to install on most Android devices.

In fact, the main product - VidPaw Online Video and Audio Downloader is available on the Internet for some time, but it’s only now gaining attention. It’s an easy-to-use online downloader. With simple steps, you are able to download videos from YouTube. That’s just the cherry on the cake. Best of all, it’s 100% free downloader! Good news is that, after a year-long process, VidPaw app for Android will be launched. Head to the following part to have a rough idea of what’s involved in VidPaw App.

Features of VidPaw App

After a thorough investigation and development, VidPaw is about to launch their Android version. We are lucky to be invited to use its trial version. Now let’s go over some distinctive features provided on VidPaw App for Android.

Supported Sites

Videos or audios from most popular sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, DailyMotion can be downloaded by using VidPaw. Therefore, you can download your favorite YouTube video to your Android devices and playback at any time.

On-Site Search Function

VidPaw App has added a search engine allowing users to search online videos directly on the app. This means you can have more storage to download videos and audios without installing many video streaming apps on Android.

Clean Interface

Going further on this VidPaw App in-depth review, you can notice that the app has a pretty simple and clean user interface. It presents you with a bunch of trending videos. Also, videos are classified into categories like music, movies, and gaming so that you can easily get what you want. More importantly, it doesn’t have annoying pop-up Ads, which guarantees you a better experience.

High Quality

With VidPaw app, downloading YouTube videos to MP4 or MP3 will never be a tricky thing. The app supports you to download YouTube videos in high quality. For MP4 format, you can choose to download videos in 360p at least, and 1080p at most. When it comes to converting YouTube to MP3, it is possible to download MP3 in 128kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps.

Download YouTube Videos

Like mentioned above, VidPaw has a search engine. So you can open VidPaw app and search any YouTube videos on VidPaw.

>Type the keywords in the search box and tap the search button.

> After the search results page is presented, open your desired video and tap the download button below the video.

> Now you are accessing to the download page, just select the format and quality and tap “Download”.

> When it finishes downloading, you can find the video in the Download Tab.


After all, while there are various downloaders available on the Internet these days, VidPaw is definitely one that you can trust, for it not only offers you stable download service but also direct methods to stream videos on its app. We should note that VidPaw app is temporarily listed in Google’s official Play app store, the APP is readily available via the VidPaw website. You need to enable “Unknown Sources” feature in “Settings” to download apps from outside the Play Store, and then install it to download YouTube videos on Android.

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