Huawei is taking drastic measures to combat the US’s ban on its products to ensure that it continues to maintain its loyal customer base without any glitch. The first measure being implemented by the Chinese tech giant is a promise of a full refund to Huawei’s Philippines users in case Google or Facebook apps stop working on their devices.

Following the US’s ban on Huawei products, Google and Facebook were among a horde of technological conglomerates to refuse the company access to its apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, and other Android-based services. While this complete cutting of ties between Google, Facebook, and Huawei is not supposed to affect any of the existing users of Huawei devices, the Chinese company has refused to take any chances with its user base. While the promise of full refund is currently limited to Huawei users in the Philippines, it may be only a matter of time that the company comes up with more permanent solutions like its very own OS or taking on the US government altogether.

As the situation stands now, despite its measures, Huawei is bucking up for heavy losses, including a 40% dip in smartphone sales and an expected loss of $30 billion in the form of revenue in 2019.