YouTube Offers New Display AR Ad Format Opportunities to Advertisers

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A little over a year has passed since the launch on the international markets of YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, and Google provides some useful tips for users this summer. For advertisers, on the other hand, there are new creative opportunities that exploit augmented reality and 360-degree video.

Get ready to see new advertising formats from Google in the coming months. In fact, the Mountain View company presented advertisers with two new ways to create engaging ads, two new creative formats, and one that can also involve YouTubers.

More and more companies are choosing to invest in the creation of 3D resources to give life to their products and allow consumers to interact with them as they could in the real life, so you can ‘know’ them before eventually buying them. For example, a person could explore the interior and exterior of a car before taking a test drive, all with the convenience of staying at home. – Rashi Verma, Google’s Display & Video Product Manager 360.

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Swirl is a new immersive display format designed for the mobile web and available on the Display & Video 360 platform. This format allows people to explore every corner of the product being promoted by rotating the 3D object in all directions, enlarging it and making it smaller, as they prefer, being able to interact with the device as if the product were in front of them.

Google has also simplified for brands that already have 3D resources to create an ad unit with Swirl by providing them with the 3D / Swirl component in the Google Web Designer creative creation tool. In addition, Google will introduce a new editor in Poly, its 3D platform, to make it easier for brands and agencies to edit, configure and publish high-quality photorealistic models for use in engaging YouTube display ads.

Google has been allowing advertisers to show videos from YouTube in advertisements for some time, but soon it will be possible to start seeing live streaming ads. After learning that more and more people are tuning into Youtube on live streaming of events like concerts, sports, and shows, Google has decided that the time has come to monetize through these experiences too. For advertisers, a new advertising format allows you to show live streaming from YouTube in display ads on screens and devices. This new format is also available in the Google Web Designer tool and allows people to interact with the video using the familiar controls of the YouTube player. 

Both Swirl and the new live streaming format are in limited beta. They are just two examples of how Google is allowing brands to offer more interactive large-scale ad experience with Display & Video 360.

“We want to make it easier to create ads that are appealing and valuable to consumers,” Verma commented, adding that “we will continue to share creative solutions to help you create creative creativity and deliver better advertising experiences to users, wherever they are online.”

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