Instagram has incorporated changes to the camera interface of its ‘stories’ – soon available on all Android and iOS devices – adding a lower bar now composed of a rotating menu that seeks to facilitate access to the various editing tools.

With more than 500 million users daily, Instagram Stories is one of the most used features in the platform. Now the social media company owned by Facebook has announced three new features: a new camera design, 7 days camera captured photos saved and pride month tags made available for influencers.

The Instagram Stories camera will be repaginated and will separate the functions into three tabs: “Live“, “Camera” and “Create“. The main transformation is in the third item, the Creation Mode. It brings together all the functions that do not necessarily have a background image, such as Text stickers, Polls, and new stickers.

Understanding exactly how each of the Instagram Stories functions works allows companies to better deliver from that platform with more efficient, engaging communication. So users get to know the various features and functions within the tool to generate value and engage the audience more.

Instagram Stories is very reminiscent of Snapchat, a competing social network. In fact, many people believe that the creation of Stories occurred after Mark Zuckerberg unsuccessfully tried to buy Snapchat.

Instagram Stories is very easy to use. To create a story, just click the camera sign in the upper left corner of the Instagram home screen. When you do this, you must allow the device to access your camera and microphone.

If you tap the button in the center of the screen, it will take a photo. Pressing it will start recording a video. It is possible to invert the camera and use several other features, which we will show in the next topics.