Xiaomi is one of the largest Chinese manufacturers whose line of business goes far beyond Android smartphones, tablets, and gadgets. In fact, through its sub-brands like Mijia, we have seen a growing bet on utilities and equipment for the home.

After about 6 months ago, the manufacturer has launched two other shavers through its sub-brand, Mijia, now the company has announced on Twitter that it plans to launch its Mi Electric Shaver device in India soon.

Currently, this new shaver is called Mijia Electric Shaver and works just like the others. In fact, this new shaver resembles so many others in the market but counts with some trumps in its favor. We have, here, rotary blades in a system very similar to the one used by Philips. That is, while the new beard trimmer uses a single blade, the new razor uses a multi-blade rotary system. Here everything will depend on the preferences, face, skin, and beard of each consumer.

For the development of this new machine, Xiaomi has established a partnership with Remington, a well-known manufacturer in this field. All this to develop the new rotary system for the new machine of the Chinese manufacturer. In turn, its partner has many years of experience in this area and its help will have been crucial in the development of this product

In order for its new product to surprise customers, the brand has spared no effort. Here we have a total of 3 rotating blades. Each one with a double blade, allowing a 360º movement so that each head and each blade finds the hair to cut. Something that will be useful especially for the more difficult areas like the corners of the face.

The new Xiaomi shaver is IP67 certified. This allows you to use the device in the bath or for a dry or wet/foam shave. In this way, adapting to the various types/methods of the user.

The blades themselves are supplied by the Japanese company JFE with the secondary blades to be supplied by the Swedish company, SANDVIK. The electric motor used in this new Xiaomi machine is supplied and produced by the Japanese MABUCHI MOTOR. We can further advance that the machine has a cutting speed of 3.9 m/s.