Recently it was revealed that Microsoft would be ruled out in some way the possibility of continuing with the development of a Windows Phone operating system or the mobile version of Windows 10, and the latest statements by Bill Gates could confirm this movement and even explain why.

In a discussion with Eventbrite co-founder and CEO Julia Hartz at Village Global event Bill Gates admitted that due to his “bad management” he lost one of the most important markets at the moment: losing the smartphone business with Android and affirmed that this has been his “biggest mistake”.

“You know, in the software world, in particular for platforms, these are markets that all the winners take. So, the biggest mistake I’ve made is the bad management I did, which caused Microsoft to not be what Android is, which means that Android is the standard platform for a non-Apple phone. That was a natural thing for Microsoft to win.” Bill Gates said.

Although Bill Gates claims that Microsoft continues to be a leading company in the market thanks to the responsiveness of its products such as Windows, Office, not to mention the recent cloud services, the founder of the company recognizes that Microsoft would be “THE company”, if it will also count on the success of the Android market currently, which, according to the executive, the cost of being an alternative mobile operating system to iOS represents about the US $400 billion of profits in Google.

The founder of Microsoft has been very clear in his statements. In industry, it is difficult to recognize that someone made a mistake or did not make the right decision.

Despite not being pioneers, Microsoft set out to enter the mobile market with its Windows Phone operating system, but since the company was focused on the development of proprietary software, it never understood the importance of mobile devices, neither it gave the adequate resources, this generated the use of Windows Phone being limited.