Apple has just officially released the first public beta versions of iOS 13, iPadOS and macOS Catalina. In this way, users who are enrolled in the test program can start to take a look at the new versions of the operating systems of the Apple company. That’s right since MacRumors warns that Apple’s public beta test website is still inactive, so testers will not be able to install the software until it is ready.

Similarly, beta testers who have enrolled in the beta testing program will receive the beta update of iOS 13 by air after installing the appropriate certificate on their iOS device. These public beta versions arrive almost a week after the Cupertino firm released the second beta for developers of its latest operating systems.

iOS 13 is one of the most important updates that iOS devices have received, only this year, the Cupertino firm announced the arrival of a new operating system, iPadOS, which arrives exclusively to work on Apple tablets. As the company has commented, iPadOS is identical to iOS 13 in almost all aspects, although there are some specific features of the iPad, such as the new multitasking capabilities. In large parts, the two operating systems share the same characteristics.

In the case of macOS Catalina, potential beta testers should make a full backup on Time Machine before installing the trial version, and it may not be convenient to install it on your main computer, because betas can be unstable and, often, they have many mistakes.

If you are an iOS, iPadOS or macOS user and want to join the beta testing program you can sign up on the Apple beta testing website, which gives users access to the beta versions of iOS, macOS, and tvOS. Before installing a beta version, we recommend that you make sure you create a full encrypted iTunes backup or an iCloud backup. It is better to install iOS 13 on a secondary device because the beta software is not always stable and may include errors.

Apple released the second beta for developers last week. And, apparently, the first public beta is more or less the same version as the second beta for developers: it still contains errors, and some features and applications that may not work, warns the media.