Walmart Mexico, the largest commercial chain in the country with more than 2,459 stores in the country, launched a new home shopping and delivery service through the WhatsApp for 92 stores that have the Superama brand, business directed to the higher income population.

WhatsApp, the free text message service owned by the social network Facebook, is ubiquitous throughout Mexico. Superama buyers can send a text order to a WhatsApp number managed by Walmart, known in Mexico as Walmart de México.

A Reuters reporter tested the service on Monday by sending a photo with a handwritten shopping list. A representative of the company responded immediately, adding “emoticons” of smiley faces and other particular icons in the use of WhatsApp.

The representative said that Superama charges 2.55 dollars for delivery in 90 minutes or 2.03 dollars for longer delivery time and that it would accept payment in cash or with a card at the time of delivery. Superama has about 92 of the 2,459 Walmart stores in Mexico, the largest foreign market of the US retailer, by its number of stores.

Superama currently receives orders through its website and an application of the store, in addition to Cornershop, an application with operations in Mexico and Chile that delivers through third parties that sell products for a variety of stores.

This new purchase method in Superama is the result of the company’s innovation to better serve our customers, so they can buy their super via WhatsApp in an agile and frictionless way. We want to make life easier for them and continue to contribute to improving their quality of life – Gabriela Buenrostro, Deputy director of Corporate Communication, Walmart

Walmart was planning to buy Cornershop, for about 225 million dollars, was blocked earlier this month by the Federal Economic Competition Commission of Mexico, concluding that Walmart could not guarantee a uniform playing field for rivals that also use the application.