The latest MIUI Chinese beta for the Xiaomi Mi 9 incorporates a new novelty: 3D gestures in the air, a way to open applications by moving the mobile. Although the new MIUI is literally called “3D Gestures in the air“, you should not confuse it with the one introduced by LG in the G8 (and G8S) using the front ToF sensor: Xiaomi evolves the double twist of the wrist using Motorola. It took years to launch the camera proposing to draw letters in the air.

The feature that we are talking about has been introduced in the latest MIUI Chinese beta for the Xiaomi Mi 9. As detailed in XDA Developers, the full description of the functionality would be « Draw a pattern in the air with your phone to open an application «. This pattern is divided into four letters: M, W, C, and Z.

How to draw a letter in the air? Simply unlock the mobile, grab it well and trace the concrete letter in the air. As the 3D Gestures are configured in the air, MIUI will respond with the opening of the specific application. For example, you can choose a “C” to launch the camera application without pressing any button.

This new functionality is in beta, so it does not imply that it definitely reaches all mobile phones with MIUI. At the moment it is in China and only available for the Xiaomi Mi 9; While the work of Xiaomi smart 3D gestures is not debugged until the end of the function failures are possible. When it will be implemented in the user version of the firmware MIUI is not yet reported.

Probably the Chinese manufacturer will also introduce this intuitive feature for other devices and in the Global version of MIUI. Later this month Xiaomi may keep it exclusive for flagship smartphones of the company.