OPPO today publicly demonstrated its “underview panoramic screen” for its on-screen camera solution during MWCS. At the same time, OPPO also demonstrated its “no network communication technology” for the first time, which can support small-scale communication without relying on the cellular network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and meet the needs of scenes such as smartphone emergency communication.

According to reports, the “Perspective Panorama Screen” can provide users with a more complete view, a more immersive screen, and a more integrated body by integrating the front camera and the screen, and comprehensively taking into account content display and photographing. Face unlocking, video calling and more.

As OPPO’s latest screen camera solution, OPPO’s “Perspective Panorama Screen” uses a custom camera module to capture more light; the sub-area display is matched with a higher transmittance “transparent material” to make the light fully Pass through the screen. Also, through the multi-frame HDR algorithm, defogging algorithm, and automatic white balance algorithm optimization, “Perspective Panorama Screen” can achieve a complete photo experience and will support camera functions including smart beauty and filters in the future.

The second item shown is “No Network Communication Technology”, which is a decentralized communication technology independently developed by OPPO. It can realize OPPO mobile phones within 3000 meters without cellular network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Text, voice transmission, and even voice calls.

OPPO has brought a new technology at MWC Shanghai 2019. The decentralized communication technology called “MeshTalk” enables small-area communication (within 3,000 meters) without cellular network, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. OPPO phones can be used between Text, voice transmission, and even voice call to meet the needs of smartphone emergency communications and other scenarios.

OPPO devices can create Ad Hoc networks that enable multi-person communication and extended communication by signaling. The company claims that MeshTalk has no significant impact on battery life.

OPPO envisions that MeshTalk can be used when there is no access to the Internet or when the network is overcrowded, such as in concert venues or airports with poor communication conditions. It is not clear when MeshTalk will be launched.