Earlier this month, Brian Shen, Vice President of China-based smartphone maker Oppo, took to the website Weibo to share a short video clip of an early engineering model, the company’s first under-display camera technology.

With smartphone manufacturers who are continually competing to differentiate themselves, whatever advantage one may present tends to set them apart from their rivals. This is where the seamless capabilities of a panoramic screen and the premium experience of gradient designs come in.

Today at the MWC 19 Shanghai Conference, Oppo released its panoramic screen with its under-display camera technology. It has a front-facing camera that doesn’t need a notch, teardrop, hole punch, pop-up, or even sliding mechanism and keeps the edge-to-edge display uninterrupted compacted with photo, face unlock, video call and other functions.

With the increasing functionality of smartphones, users have put forward higher requirements for a more immersive, broader screen view. From the water drop screen to the lifting structure, to the ‘perspective panoramic screen’ released today, OPPO has been continuously exploring the best balance between ‘slim and thin – Qiao Jiadong, Product Manager, OPPO

According to the company, the Perspective Panorama Screen uses a camera module technology hence capturing more light with high transmittance capacity allowing the light to pass screen to pass through the filter.

A lustrous yet symmetrical design and gradient colors aptly accentuate the seamless capabilities of a panoramic screen which magnifies each instant and allows the user to enjoy the best of every moment. OPPO is a leading global smartphone brand and has successfully established a presence in India for over five years now and is dedicated to providing products infused with art and innovative technology.

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