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    Death: 22

Samsung launches new smartwatch and fitness band in India

Author at TechGenyz Wear
Samsung Smartwatch

South Korean company Samsung has launched Smartwatch ‘Active’ with its two new product fit band ‘Fit’ and ‘Fit-E’ in India. The sale of both the products will begin on June 25. Apart from the Samsung online shop, it can be purchased from the company’s offline store and e-commerce website.

Samsung has launched two fitness bands in India. Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit e will now be available in India. Galaxy Fit costs Rs 9,990, while the price of Galaxy Fit e is Rs 2,590. You can choose from Black and Silver for Galaxy Fit, while Galaxy Fit e will get Black, White and Yellow color.

Customers will also be able to make pre-booking on Flipkart from July 1 for customers’ Galaxy Fit e. Galaxy Fit e will be sold on Flipkart, Myntra and Samsung E-shop from July 5. You can buy Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit from Samsung e-shop, including Flipkart, Mintara. You can purchase the products from select offline stores since July 19th.

Galaxy Fit has a full-color AMOLED display of 0.5 inches. There are also Samsung’s fitness tracking apps. This fitness band has the option to track many types of activities. There are activities like running, biking, walking, and jogging. It also has a Heart Rate Monitor. Galaxy Fit has 6 default activities. Apart from this, they can be customized themselves.

Galaxy Fit can connect to the smartphone and receive calls, message notifications. There are some preset messages which can be used to call or message replies. FreeRTOS is provided in Galaxy Fit and has 2MB of RAM and 32MB of memory has been given. Its battery is 120mAh and has Bluetooth 5.0 support.

Galaxy Fit e also has more or less features like Galaxy Fit, but there is no color display available here. Heart rate monitor has also been given in Galaxy Fit e. You can use it for fitness tracking by connecting to a smartphone. The Galaxy Fit e has a 0.74-inch mono PMOLED display and it also runs on FreeRTOS. It has 128KB RAM and supports Bluetooth 5.0. Galaxy Fit e’s battery is 70mAh, the company claims that it can charge for up to 13 days by charging it once.

It starts automatically tracking your activity under the feature of Galaxy Fit e. In such a situation, it will auto-track as you walk or bike or walk. They will also track these activities in the order of their workouts. It also has Sleep Analysis and Smart Stress Management, from which you can monitor them.

Additionally, the company has also launched its new Galaxy Watch Active smartwatch in India. Galaxy Watch Active has been designed for those fashion lover consumers, who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Galaxy Watch is also elegant and smart as well. Equipped with premium features, the Galaxy Watch comes with a new sporty design, which is thin, light and versatile, that makes it easier to maintain balanced lifestyles. Attractive, minimal design is easy to navigate. Users can choose a stylish watch face and choose a sporty lease that matches your unique style from a series of different colors.

Galaxy Watch Active will come in four unique colors Black, Silver, Rose Gold, and Deep Blue. It costs 19, 990 rupees. The Galaxy Fit is available in Silver and Black colors while the Galaxy Fit will come in Black, White and Yellow colors. The price of Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E will be 9,990 rupees and 2,590 respectively.