LG Electronics and SK Telecom have signed an agreement to jointly develop robots based on 5G. In this sense, the robotics business center of LG and the ICT center of SK Telecom will create autonomous robots that will use a platform in the cloud based on 5G Mobile Edge Computing technology.

According to the announcement, the objective is for the robot to have the ability to draw maps, carry out security tasks, and offer guidance to users, all in a free way. The machines will also record videos in high resolution and send them to the respective data centers making use of the new mobile network that will facilitate a faster data transfer and low latency.

SK Telecom affirmed that its platform in the c of multiple access (MEC), has been created to be deployed in cellular base stations or other nodes, allowing the fast implementation of the new tools and services for the users. The company expects to reduce congestion in the network and facilitate the better operation of the applications by carrying out processing tasks close to the cellular station.

Both companies revealed their intention to launch a service based on robots where the machines patrol places and perform surveillance tasks, which means that the new technology would detect intruders and irregular situations in night parking or other environments.

In 2017, LG enabled its guidance and cleaning robots at the Incheon International Airport, subsequently announcing a collaboration with CJ Foodville to take their machines to restaurants. Since last year, LG has a new robotics division, and its 5G networks have already started to be marketed in April, which speaks very well of the South Korean giant in terms of staying at the forefront of the industry.