The popular brand Gucci has added AR technology to its mobile app, which can be used to try on sneakers. When you hover the camera of the smartphone on the feet, the shoes are “worn” on the feet.

In the Gucci mobile app for iOS, an update appeared – augmented reality technology, with the help of which any person can try on its shoes without leaving home. At the moment, the technology works under the most recognizable brand sneakers – the Ace line with various design options from the creative director of the fashion house Alessandro Michele.

The mechanism is simple: a person chooses a pair of Ace that you like, directs the camera of his mobile device to his feet and almost immediately the sneakers are “put on” on the feet. The resulting image can be photographed, stored, and, if desired, posted on the social network. The program also provides special stickers and wallpapers, so that users can customize the image to their liking.

The technical partner of the brand was the Belarusian startup Wannaby, developing technologies for computer vision and rendering. A few months ago, the company had already released its application for trying on sneakers in augmented reality and instantly gained recognition from AR industry leaders (augmented reality) around the world.

At the end of 2018, Wannaby introduced the Wanna Kicks application for the virtual fitting of sneakers. Then representatives of a startup noted that new technology could help reduce the number of returns of shoes already purchased.

In May 2018, startup Wannaby raised $2 million from investment companies Bulba Ventures and Haxus. The company is also developing an AR-application Wanna Nails for “trying on” nail polishes and service for trying on Wanna Jewelry things. Wannaby notes that this is the first commercial partnership for its startup. Although the company did not disclose the terms of cooperation with Gucci.