Youtube Music will allow us to download up to 500 songs automatically to listen offline

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Varun Kesari
Varun Kesari
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Youtube Music is going to make it easier for users to listen to their favorite music even when we are away from an Internet connection, allowing you to automatically download up to 500 songs that we have “liked” in the application. This feature will be available on Android devices for YouTube Music Premium subscribers.

This feature comes with the name of Smart Downloads and will allow us to have our favorite songs in the internal storage of the device, always downloading via WiFi at night hours up to a limit that we can specify in the application itself.

Smart Downloads arrives as an expansion of the Offline Mixtape, which once activated can create a list of songs that the user likes, while also searching for songs similar to those that the user likes to discover new artists, also downloaded in the storage of the phone.

The feature will be available on Android devices for YouTube Music Premium subscribers, and will always be based on downloading favorite songs, not selected songs or predefined lists.

Therefore, Smart Downloads will continue to be available along with the Offline Mixtape, so that we can listen offline to the songs that we like most along with new artists in an indistinct way, with a careful download policy to avoid problems with the most limited mobile data rates. how much-unwanted charges are related.

There will be the possibility of managing the space occupied and delete everything that has been stored in the mobile, something necessary for those who are always with the limit around the corner.

The first thing you have to do is download the YouTube Music app and open it:

  • Go to the library section, where you can find albums, artists, songs, playlists…
  • At the moment the app will ask you if you want to play audio files on the device.
  • Press the button to grant the permissions.
  • Go to the Library and enter the Albums, Songs or Artists sections.
  • When you access one of these categories, you will see that on the top right is the tab “Device files”. Click on it

This way you will be looking at those files those stored on your device. All these songs you can play, however, you can not add them to playlists where you already have Youtube Music songs, nor can you send them to other users.

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