Google Maps is not only one of the best GPS navigators to reach any destination driving, but it is also one of the best applications to travel on public transport. The application shows us that bus, train or subway we have to catch to get to an address.

To improve the public transport experience, Google Maps is launching two important new features that will help us plan our trips much better, without surprises or discomfort.

Now in more than 200 cities, Google Maps will inform us in real time about bus delays. When calculating a route, we can already know if a bus will get delayed, when it will reach the stop and the length of the delay due to the current traffic.

This way users can avoid surprise, and we will be able to better plan out the trip, being able to choose which bus or stop to get up to arrive as soon as possible to our destination. Until now it was not possible to know the delays.

The other important feature is that now Google Maps will use its data and user ratings to predict the crowds of public transport. Now it will tell us if the bus, train or subway is going to go up if it is too full.

When viewing the information of a route by public transport we can now see new information that will tell us if there is to go standing because there are usually no free seats at that time and the level of overcrowding with a graph formed by the symbols of people.

When planning a trip in Google Maps the application will not only show information about stops, time of passage, departure, completion and if there are delays in the bus, it will also tell how predictable it is that the transport is full. For this, it will use the information collected during previous days and also that of the last passengers.

Everything to make progress and avoid delays: if you know that a specific time transport is usually full, it is best to leave a little before passing and take another with less hope of affluence.

Both the prediction of influx and the notice of delays is expanding to all Google Maps applications in the marked cities.

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