A set of 2019 new iPhone CAD renderings were exposed online, including the iPhone XI, iPhone XI Max and iPhone XIR. It can be seen that the main shape and the current generation of changes are not large, especially on the front with its screen sizes varying on 5.8 inch, 6.1 inches, and 6.5 inches.

The back is also consistent with rumors, the iPhone XI/XI Max is upgraded to three camera sensors, and the iPhone XIR is upgraded to dual shots, all mounted on a square module.

Iphone Xi Price

Unfortunately, whether the USB-C interface, circular mute button, etc. is present, cannot be confirmed from several CAD drawings. It is reported that the battery capacity of the 2019 new iPhone will come above 3000mAh, of which the iPhone XI Max is expected to achieve 3600mAh and support reverse wireless charging.

Slashleaks three new published CADs renders show the new iPhones, and that confirms everything we knew so far, including design. It is worth mentioning that the famous leaker has also retweeted the renderings in question @ OnLeaks, which therefore confirms their authenticity.

The models (iPhone XI, XI Max, and XIR are catching on, but there has not yet been “official” confirmations), everything else seems to be confirmed: the three iPhone 2019 will resume shapes and sizes of the previous trio, with the iPhone “base” of 5.8 “(OLED), the iPhone Max of 6.5” (OLED) and a cheaper version with a screen of 6.1 “(LCD ). The latter will only have two cameras (while the others will have three), but all share a square ledge on the left side, which houses the lenses. Finally, judging by the renderings in question, it seems that the three iPhones will continue to have a Lightning port.

Twelve years have passed since the launch of the first iPhone, and the total number of iPhones sold is said to have exceeded 2 billion.