The well-known source of leaks Max J. has just published a photo of the wireless charger that will be announced next to the Galaxy Note 10. The filtered photo shows a charger called Wireless Charger Duo with model number EPN5200, which can charge a smartphone and the next Galaxy Watch 2 at the same time. It will also be possible to charge two smartphones at the same time. The charger has a nominal power of 25W, so you can charge the two devices quickly.

The Samsung Wireless charger duo supports on a base of wireless load that will allow giving power to the Galaxy Note 10. But be careful, since there is also space to put in parallel – and at the same time – the (supposed) Galaxy Watch 2, the next smartwatch of the firm.

In addition, this base allows fast wireless charging for both gadgets. A point in favor of which the organization can get a lot of chest with respect to the competition during his presentation.

Something curious comes off when reading “load the two phones” ( Charging the two phones ). This leads to the conclusion that it would also support carrying two mobiles at par. Maybe, in that case, we would have to sacrifice the Galaxy Watch 2, since physically it would not enter the base.

This Samsung Wireless Charger Duo will be compatible with the Qi standard. It has a power of 25W – hence the fast charge – and it’s model number is EPN5200. We will see if the company finally reveals this product in conjunction with the Galaxy Note 10. If it did, the company could also announce its new Galaxy Watch 2 alongside it.

According to the report, this Galaxy Watch 2 will come in versions of 40 millimeters and 44 millimeters, one of them will have WiFi support with a 234 mAh battery, while the other larger model and support for LTE will have a battery of 340 mAh.

Internally the Galaxy Watch Active 2 will also come with version 1.5 of One UI, a new update of Samsung software for smartwatches that currently have version 1.0.