The world’s largest single-site solar project with a capacity of 1,177MW, has started commercial operation. On Sunday, the Emirates Water and Electricity Company announced that it would be providing water and electricity across the UAE.

It will provide enough power to meet the equivalent demand of 90,000 people. The plant will offset the emirate’s C02 emissions by 1 million metric tons, effectively taking 200,000 cars off the roads. With 3.2 million solar panels installed across an 8 square kilometer site, Noor Abu Dhabi is the world’s single largest solar project.

The Dh3.2 billion solar plant that located at Sweihan in Abu Dhabi, it is a joint venture between the consortium of Japan’s Marubeni Corp, China’s Jinko Solar Holding and Abu Dhabi Government. Noor Abu Dhabi also attracted the world’s most competitive tariff of 8.888 fils/kWh breaking another record at the time of bid submission.

The completion of the project marks a significant milestone in the UAE’s Energy Strategy 2050, launched in 2017, to increase the contribution of clean energy in the total energy mix to 50% by 2050 while reducing the carbon footprint of power generation by 70% – Mohammad Hassan Al Suwaidi, Chairman of EWEC

Another project is located around is China that hosts the largest plants currently operating; led by the so-called Yanchi Solar Park just south of Gaoshawo in Ninxia’s Yanchi district. Its 1 GWP solar arrays give it an output of about 820 MW. The plant has been operational since 2016.

On the other hand in UAE United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres, took a helicopter tour over the 3.2 million solar panels of the world’s largest single solar project, Noor Abu Dhabi, as the solar plant commenced commercial operation for the first time. The event will serve to craft the agenda for the United Nations Climate Action Summit taking place later this year.