Microsoft seems to be a bit nostalgic as the company has just unveiled in the official Windows account on Twitter that a new version of its operating system is being announced on this first day of July – Microsoft Windows 1.0. Although not as new as many expected.

In the short video presentation we see the logos coming back in time and presenting Windows 10 with its flat design, Windows Vista that does not miss, Windows XP, Windows Millennium Edition (ME), Windows 95, Windows 89 and finally the Windows 1.0, the first “operating system” released by the company, since at the time it was not even an OS as we define it today.

It is also curious to note the soundtrack of the video; even with a few seconds, the sound aesthetics of the ’80s is an extremely clear reference and this may give an important indication of why Microsoft is “announcing” Windows 1.0 at this time.

Windows 1.0 was officially launched in November 1985, and with the return of one of the most celebrated series scheduled for this week and also happening in the same year of release of the system, the publication may be a bridge to Windows 1.0 advertising within the third season of Stranger Things.

With a huge nostalgic load, this would not be the first time Netflix has used Stranger Things to promote devices, games or other content and pop culture media in its series. Microsoft takes advantage of a certain space in the series to view its operating system is most likely, since this year the release of Windows 1.0 only turns 34 on November 20.

Still, we will have to wait for more news about this case to state more categorically about what it is, but we will keep an eye on any new information, so stay tuned! The third season of Stranger Things is set to debut on Netflix this Thursday (July 4) with all its episodes released at once.