Google Chrome synchronizes a lot of data with the Google account so that the user has the same experience on all the devices that use the browser and to make it really easy to start using when switching devices. Among the aspects that saved info, we find applications, bookmarks, extensions, history, settings, themes, open tabs, passwords and address, phone number and more.

In addition, from now on, Chrome synchronizes and saves the user’s payment data in the cloud for more convenience, although in this case, it will be through Google Pay.

When we make purchases over the Internet we want it to be a comfortable, fast and simple process. However, many times we have to run to find the credit card details again and again in time to enter the data or we can not remember the PayPal password at that time. To try to make the experience as simple as possible, Chrome will throw a save password feature to users when synchronizing and saving the payment data of the user.

Yesterday Google Chrome announced a feature that aims to completely change the experience of paying online, at least when we do from Google Chrome. Thanks to this, we can always use the payment methods that we have saved in our Google account to fill in the usual payment forms of shopping websites or booking travel.

This new feature can be used even without activating the synchronization with the Google account offered by the Google Chrome browser. In addition, we may use such payment information that we have stored on Google from all devices with Google Chrome or in all places where Google Pay is accepted.

When we are logged into Google Chrome and have to fill out a payment form we will be offered the option to recover the data saved in the Google account. Of course, for security, we will always have to confirm the CVC code.

If we decide to save the card we will receive an email from Google Pay with more information and we will always be able to delete the cards added in the Google Account> Payments and Subscriptions> Manage payment methods, in addition to adding new cards. This new feature will help users give more ease when buying online through the Chrome browser