Samsung introduced its own smart clothing brand, The HumanFit at IFA 2015. At the same time, the Koreans also showed a working concept of a smart suit. As well as some smart fashion accessories, including a solar bag for ladies. Last year, Samsung showed a smart belt at CES, which is also connected to your smartphone.

Today a new Samsung patent has appeared in the database. This describes how smart clothing is supplied with energy to activate various functions. The patent was applied for on December 30, 2019, and it’s today when it is published in the WIPO database. The original Korean patent idea was applied for a year earlier.

Samsung Smart Clothing Patent

The Samsung smart clothing will be provided with an ‘energy harvester’. Energy is generated by movements of the user and by the movement of the clothing itself. Sensors can be switched on using the energy generated.

Multiple processors and different sensors are processed in intelligent clothing to generate energy and convert it into actually useful functions. This technology is extra energy-efficient according to the Samsung patent, which means that a smaller battery can be used.

The patented Samsung smart clothing technology can be applied in a variety of items of clothing, such as a jacket, pants, hat, gloves, and shoes as seen on the registered images. There are countless applications for smart clothing. Think of a telephone that you can charge wirelessly through your pocket or a camera mounted on your back. Or being able to monitor your health and to register your actions during training.

Samsung new patent includes a plurality of energy harvesters, a plurality of processors (#620, 640 and #660), a plurality of sensors, and a battery (#680). The electronic device #600 (an item of smart clothing) may further include wires that interconnect the components as per Patently Apple. There could be even more solar-powered devices launched alongside it in the future.