Over the last few months, a “Dine-in” option has appeared on Uber Eats user interfaces in some cities. Uber Eats is testing a new service that allows its users to order food then go to a restaurant and eat it there.

Uber Eats Dine-In Option

As per sources, the company has unveiled a dine-in feature in some cities that lets customers’ pre-order food on the app and then eat at the restaurant. Diners can order food on the app and arrange transportation to the restaurant themselves there’s currently no option to link a ride with your food order. Diners pay with the Uber Eats app, and can add an optional tip.

We want to enable restaurants to focus on what they’re best at — making amazing food and providing top-notch service – Uber spokesperson

An Uber spokesperson confirmed that the Dine-in Uber Eats app option is launched in certain selected cities in November and is currently being piloted in Dallas, Austin, Tucson, and San Diego as a testing interface. Unlike Uber Eats delivery option, which charges extra for having food orders placed, picked up, and driven to customers doors, the new Dine-in feature does not charge unnecessary to the diners hence providing a free service.

However, restaurants are charged a fee, which “differs by market and restaurant but is typically lower than the fee they pay for delivery.”