A few months after Mozilla announced its imminent partnership with news subscription company Scroll, the global nonprofit organization has teased a subscription product costing $4.99 per month that would offer ad-free news.

Mozilla’s latest news subscription product also seems to undercut its competitor, the recently launched Apple News+, whose subscription costs $9.99 a month.

Mozilla has invited users to a survey and a beta launch of its ‘Firefox Ad-free internet‘, with Scroll, that is still in beta, offering ad-free versions of sites such as The Atlantic, Buzzfeed, The Verge, Gizmodo, USA Today and more.

Mozilla has stated that its new news subscription service –

…helps the web users to pay for an ad-free experience on their favorite sites, across their devices. Scroll’s model may offer a more comprehensive alternative in the ecosystem by enabling more direct funding of publishers,.

Mozilla has been attempting to diversify itself away from its main source of revenue- an arrangement with Google that makes it the default search engine of Firefox

Mozilla has also been talking about using Firefox to start offering various subscription products which include a paid VPN subscription, other than its news subscription service.